Adventures With Buster

This is a special little post because it enables me to add a new category to the kind of books I review. Children’s books. Adventures With Buster, by London L. Pickett, is a small, illustrated non-fiction about the writer’s life with her guide dog, Buster. Buster was trained to be a guide dog at Southeastern Guide Dogs in Palmetto, Florida.

When Miss Pickett sent me an email asking me to review it for her, I agreed at once. It deals with my absolute favourite subject: dogs. The writer needs Buster because Buster is her eyes. Such owner-guide dog relationships are the most touching thing.


This being a children’s book, it’s only thirty-five pages long. The writing style is direct and simple, with plenty of humorous anecdotes, like (SPOILER WARNING), how Buster ate a frog. It’s especially amusing if you actually own dogs, because there are parts where you go, “Oh my god, my dog did that once!”

In a book like this, it’s important to emphasize on the relationship between the owner and the guide-dog. Being a children’s book, this needs to be done very carefully. I was pleased to see that it was. Adventures With Buster is also descriptive about the actual process and daily life of owning a guide dog, such as practicing commands and how you’re not allowed to pet a guide dog while it’s on duty.

All that being said, this was an adorable book. I’d recommend it to any child.

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3 comments on “Adventures With Buster

  1. London Lake Pickett says:

    DK – Thank you so much! This has been such a great experience for me that I was inspired to write “Vacations with Buster”. I will let you know when I publish it. Happy Tuesday – London

  2. Nive says:

    Haha, sounds adorable!

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